The Best Team Experience Survey

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Question 1 of 11

Think about the best experience you've ever had leading or being part of a team. What words describe what that was like?


Enter all of the adjectives that come to mind until you run out. You can think about a team at work or a team experience outside of work.

Question 2 of 11

What was happening that made it that way?


Describe what people were doing, what the environment was like, what the circumstances were and anything else that was important about your experience.

Question 3 of 11

What did you and the team accomplish because of all that was happening?


Feel free to share stories, list accomplishments and anything in between.

Applying This to Your Current Team

The next three questions are about exploring how this experience could be applied to your current team (or a team you were recently part of).

Question 5 of 11

With your best team experience in mind, what would be ideal if it were true for your current (or recent) team?


If you're currently part of several teams, think about the one that's most important to you right now.


If you can, stay away from critiquing your current (or recent) team. Instead, stay in the positive space of imagining and describing what it would be like.

Question 6 of 11

If you had your wish, what 1-2 things would you like to apply to your current (or recent) team?


Describe what you wish you could apply and why.  Imagine and describe what that would be like. Although this question may seem a lot like the last question, please try to answer it anyway.

Question 7 of 11

With this in mind, describe what success looks like for your current (or recent) team by completing this sentence:


“I’ll know we’re truly working together toward successful outcomes when…”


Describe how you know people are behaving in a way that will lead to success. Describes the signs you look for.

What it Would Take

The next three questions explore what it would take to make your vision happen.

Question 9 of 11

What must be true to make this vision happen?


Describe what would need to start or stop happening. Describe what you personally need to do differently. Describe anything else that must be true.

Question 10 of 11

Whose help would you need to make this happen? How would they help?


Think about leaders and other influencers whose support would be critical for the team to behave this way. Describe who they are to the team and the role they could play.

Question 11 of 11

How would this vision get you what you need?


Describe how you and team would benefit. Describe what pain would be reduced and what you and the team could achieve.

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