There has never been a time when understanding analytics was more powerful.

Data is available all around us but unless you have the skills to turn data into information it remains noise and not knowledge.  

Change Professionals cannot afford to ignore the power of analytics to give them insights into the effectiveness of their change strategy. Without analytics they are flying blind when the instruments are right in front of them! They simply need to know how to read them.

In this Change Analytics Concentration, you'll learn:

  • How to apply social network theory to understand stakeholder interactions
  • How to create surveys that people will actually take and then apply regression analysis to understand what they are telling you
  • How to set-up change metrics that give you insight into the effectiveness of your strategy and then apply data visualization techniques to make insights blindingly clear

Join us! We've got some great techniques to share with you -- whether you are an Excel Wiz or steer clear of anything to do with math, we'll show you how to be a Change Analyst!


All The Tools You Need To Successfully Analyze your Change

Join a cohort of curious minds who want to dramatically improve their effectiveness in analyzing what drives a change initiative.