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You already know how to create a strategy that drives change. Now add data analytics to grow your credibility and have an even greater impact.

Access a fully recorded program of data analytics techniques and a measurement approach for change. To practice your skills, one-day Live Session workshop events are held for you to work with others in small groups to analyze change data and present your findings. You work inside a business case simulation with a few surprises!

  • 11 tools, including 4 change survey samples and a measurement plan template
  • Bi-monthly Live Session workshops
  • A private learning platform to collaborate, pose questions and discuss the material

In the Live Session, you practice applying social network theory, regression analysis and data visualization to a change case study so you get more hands-on practice. We also discuss engaging ways to present the data to leadership.

All the tools you need to analyze change. 

Get immediate access to a recorded program of data analytics techniques and a full measurement approach to change, plus live business case workshop experiences to become an expert.

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The Recorded Learning Program

Module 1: Jumpstart Your Analysis

Calculate the monetary value of Change Management for a project; learn proven measurement best practices and how to talk to leaders about measuring change.

Module 2: Choose the Data

Identify the change metrics that are worth the time investment to monitor and matter most to leaders and other change influencers.

Module 3: Collect the Data

Learn how to select the best data collection methods to match the change situation; design change surveys and questions that avoid bias and increase data integrity.

Module 4: Analyze the Data

Interpret data from multiple sources using analytics techniques; learn how to use regression analysis, social network theory and other techniques to gain insights.

Module 5: Present the Data

Learn how to design a change data report that's compelling to leaders; use data visualization techniques to show data in a way that's meaningful and actionable.

Bonus: Change Measurement Plan

Build a change measurement plan that's worth the time and effort to use on your change initiatives.

Learn at Your Own Pace

7 recorded modules of lessons for you to learn at your own pace and access as needed in the future.

Bi-Monthly Live Sessions

Held on Fridays, 10-12 pm and 2-4 pm ET.

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11 Tools & Templates

Including change surveys, question samples and a Change Measurement Primer designed for your leaders.


Learn at the pace that works best for you

This course is designed to be your complete go-to analytics and change measurement resource for your change initiatives.

The course is set up in modules so you can:

  1. Complete the course at your own pace.
  2. Focus on the specific help you need right now.

You get immediate access to a recorded program of data analytics techniques and a full measurement approach for change, plus live business case workshop experiences so you become an expert.

The Next Live Session Simulation

One-day Live Session workshops supplement your recorded learning program. You work inside a change business case simulation with a few surprises!









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Receive your Change Analytics Program Certificate of Achievement and Badge

We've got some great techniques to share with you.

Join us in time for our next live simulation on September 17. We'll show you how to be a great Change Analyst!

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