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See Information Sheet

You already know how to create a strategy that drives change. Now add data analytics to grow your credibility in this space so your work has an even bigger impact.

In this course you’ll learn:

  • An easy way to identify meaningful change metrics with the information and access to data you already have
  • How to use Excel tools that are readily available to you to build change reports that enlighten your leaders
  • A compelling way to explain the data story to leaders

In the Live Session, together we apply social network theory, regression analysis and data visualization to a change case study so you get more hands-on practice. We also discuss presentation techniques.

All the tools you need to analyze change. 

Get immediate access to a recorded program of data analytics tools and techniques to measure change, then join a one-day live session simulation applying a change business case.

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Live Simulation Dates

Learn at the pace that works best for you

This course is designed for you to easily apply analytics techniques to a change business case.

We've done this by creating modules that allow you to learn at your own pace.

This is a combination of recorded modules and a virtual instructor-led Live Session held on a Friday that bring the cohort and the techniques together to work on a change-based business case.

We've got some great techniques to share with you.

Whether you're an Excel wiz or steer clear of anything to do with math, we'll show you how to be a great Change Analyst! Join us for our next live simulation on July 16!

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