Joy at Work

Self-Reflection Guide

This is an introduction to the definition of Joy at Work and simple ways to put it into action.

Click on the image to see the full downloadable guide. Use this to create more Joy at Work for yourself or your team.

Joy at Work(shops)

We offer customized in-house workshops related to the research. Contact: [email protected]

Joy at Work Stories

Leader-Team conversations about what joy at work means, to strengthen connections and build relationships.


Joy at Work Journeys

Professional development visioning to make career path decisions that bring you joy, now and in the future.

Year-of-Joy Visionboard

Connect to what brings you joy and then manifest that in your life in near-term ways, daily practices and aspirational goals.

The Case for Joy at Work

Is it worth creating a joyful workforce? Take a look at this video to see why we think it is, and to see the roles that are accountable for creating joy in the workplace.


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