The Savvy Change Leader Program

Leading Change in a Hybrid Workplace

This advanced leadership training program begins September 24, 2021.

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Empathy in Practice

Learn practical ways to apply empathy and build healthy relationships in times of change.

Building Trust

Learn how to build trust with your team when you're leading change, especially in a virtual world.

Change Analytics

Learn how measure and analyze change to recognize the signs of progress and make better decisions.

Improve your effectiveness to lead change in an evolving hybrid workplace.

This Joy at Work approach to change moves beyond traditional Change Leadership and Management practices to explicitly integrate the principles of Psychological Safety and Positive Psychology to improve the culture of a team whenever business change is introduced.

No matter what change you're making, even if people don't like it, there's a way to make it happen and increase joy. Join us for this course to learn how to do this in a way that's right for the people you lead.

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Week 1: Create Your Change Story

Learn how to keep your leadership team aligned and ready to communicate using a simple, effective communication technique.

Week 2: Find Your Change Influencers

Learn how to identify the biggest influencers of a change, bring them along and empower them to participate or lead the change with you.

Week 3: Identify the Best Change Metrics

Learn how to use three types of metrics to know if and how the change is progressing, and then decide your next steps.

Week 4: Act on the Feedback

Learn how to use the feedback you get during change to monitor how it's landing with your people; interpret what's happening, assess the risk and decide what actions to take.

Week 5: Lead, Even a Change You Dislike (and win for your people!)

Finally, learn how to lead a difficult situation to get the best possible outcome for you and everyone involved -- including your team, customers and your company.

5 Weeks, 90 Minute Live Sessions 

A small cohort group set up for engaging discussion and interactive learning.

62 Page Change Leader Guide

A guide for important tips, tools and exercises used throughout the course and a handy reference for your future use.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

A private platform to view the latest content, pose questions and discuss the material with others.

Receive your Savvy Change Leader Program Certificate of Achievement and Badge

The Case for Joy at Work

Is it worth creating a joyful team? Take a look at this video to see why we think it is and the accountability roles for creating joy in the workplace.


Join us!

Join a cohort of aspiring leaders
Fridays, 12-1:30pm ET 
September 24 - October 22 
in this Savvy Change Leader Program to start leading change in a new joyful way.
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Roxanne & Ed

Teach Change Leadership in a Changing World


Empathy in Practice

Learn practical ways to apply empathy and build health in your relationships during constant change.

Building Trust

Learn how to build measurable trust with your team during change, even in a virtual world.

Change Analytics

Learn how to go beyond measurement and truly analyze your change to make better decisions.