Joy Research

The goal of this research is to understand what grows Joy at Work. We're examining three components:

  1. How leaders lead Change
  2. How leaders make group Decisions
  3. How leaders drive Team Effectiveness

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Keep Me Informed

Who are we?

Roxanne Brown: A well-known change expert with more than 20 years of experience in technology, policy and culture change, and related disciplines. She's also the former global President of the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP). Roxanne's thinking has inspired companies to look at business change as a lever for strengthening cultures.

Ed Cook: A seasoned leader of teams and large organizations. He's a former Navy pilot and a Professor at the University of Richmond, teaching graduate and undergraduate Analytics in the Robins School of business. His PhD is in Systems Modeling and Analysis. Ed brings an inventive approach to engaging and leading teams to change.

Savvy Change Leader Program

A five-week virtual leadership training program for leaders interested in taking care of their people and leveling-up their skills and tools in Change Leadership.


Change & Joy in the Workplace


Change Management Training and Certification for Change Professionals -- a full program and full toolset based on joy research.


Change Analytics Concentration

A recorded program of data analytics techniques and a complete change measurement approach, plus live business case workshop experiences to become an expert.