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The Case for Joy

How much does the success of your business depend on your people? What happens when you can’t find people with the expertise you need? What happens when you lose great people to your competition? What happens when your people are checked out, not getting along, not interested in growing? What happens when your people expect more than you can give them?
This is the case for Joy at Work.
Joy at Work is about creating the conditions to help people thrive in their work, especially in times of change.
Most people understand that companies need to evolve to meet the demands of business. Most people want to be part of companies that evolve and grow. People don’t always like change but it’s usually not what is changing that’s upsetting. People get upset by how change is handled. That’s when you lose them.
In our experience, organizations under the stress of change can be the source of the best experiences people have at work.
We’ve developed a way to make important business changes – technology change, changes in the way you do business, changes in leadership and organizational structure – and build trust, improve work relationships and create a thriving workforce in the process. It’s not a fantasy. It’s an intention and a practice. Joy at Work.

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See the dimensions of Joy at Work revealed in the research we've done to understand what joy in the workplace means to leaders and employees.


Featured Courses

In-house customized courses and workshops available.

The Savvy Change Leader Program

A virtual Change Leadership training program for leaders interested in taking care of their people and leveling-up their skills, tools and techniques in Change Leadership.


Change & Joy in the Workplace Certification

Change Certification for Change Professionals - a unique experience that includes an opportunity to learn from business leaders.


Change Analytics Concentration

Immediate access to a recorded program of data analytics techniques, plus live business case workshop experiences to measure change and engagement.


Our Clients

We've had the pleasure of working with great companies who are making big changes and helping their people thrive at work.

Joy at Work ebook

Now available! Get a detailed view into the dimensions of Joy at Work revealed in 10 years of research done to understand what experiencing joy in the workplace means to leaders and employees.
Learn how the dimensions contribute to joy in the workplace and how to recognize the signs they're working well (or not) in a company. See where you have strengths and where you can focus to increase joy, and the results of a joyful workforce, for yourself. Practical tools are included so you can apply the Joy at Work dimensions to your life at work, both individually and company-wide.
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The idea that 70% of change initiatives fail didn't sound right to us. So we looked into it! In this article, we trace the origin of the idea and ultimately debunk the myth once and for all.
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"Moving from a group of individuals to an engaged team was critical to our success. We were able to create that innovative and positive environment and focus on meeting our aggressive goals."

Jodie K.
Director, Operations

"I've never had so much fun working so hard in my long technical career. We were aligned to common goals and the level of commitment from us all was simply unprecedented in our organization. Amazing esprit de corps!"

Tom A.
Director, Information Technology

"Great group interaction! A new way to think about leading change with empathy and reach our business goals. I see now how important it is to build real partnerships with change influencers."

Scott S.
Sr. Consultant

"Overwhelming, complex projects without clarity in vision are easy to find. Leaders like Roxanne and Ed who help provide vision and clarity to teams going through change and make the journey fun are extremely rare."

Anurag R.
Sr. Consultant

"Excellent tools for leaders that care about people and getting business results. Now I'm using them in all kinds of ways. It's like doing more prep before painting your house. The results will be better!"

Lori H.
Associate Relations Manager

"With Roxanne's leadership and guidance, she creates tailored change solutions for her customers that achieve positive and impactful outcomes. That's clearly her 'joy at work'."

Michael F.
Director, Enterprise Risk Management

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