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Joy Learning Lab

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Joy at Work(shops)

Where we practice

By-invitation-only: Small-group conversations with people seeking more joy in their work life -- designing strategies and solving tricky situations.

Joy & Accountability

Being held accountable sounds risky but it turns out it can also be a source of joy. Practice talking to your team about accountability, connecting it to their values and getting traction in their professional development and larger mission.

1 tool, 2 practices, 50 minutes

This workshop is for team leaders.

March 10, 12-12:50pm ET - done!

Joy & Integrity

Confidence can take a dip when a company goes through change. Learn why teams that act with integrity can cause a ripple effect of joy in the workplace when change is happening and how you can encourage that.

1 tool, 2 practices, 50 minutes 

This workshop for change agents and experts.

April 14, 12-12:50pm ET - done!
Some practical things

Reimagining change and work

Confronting the realities of your experience while cultivating the experience you want to make work part of a life well-lived.

Personal Change Plan

How can you help yourself transition through change?

While you may not play a part in deciding what is changing, you can decide how you want to experience the change.

This plan helps you understand the impact and your reaction, and then develop steps to achieve the vision of the ideal future you have in mind.

Download the Plan

Career Retrospective

How do colleagues describe you and your work?

If you're starting a business, shifting careers or wondering how others experience working with you, it's helpful to talk to people you've worked with in the past. And once you know more, you can ask: Is this the impact I want to have through my career? How can I increase joy through my work?

Download the Plan

Joy at Work Job Interview Questions

How do you know if it's the job you really want?

Most advice for job-seekers is about landing the job. There isn’t nearly as much about how to know if it's the job you want or if the company’s culture is right for you. These questions help you evaluate how well you'll thrive in the position and company you're considering.

Download the Questions
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