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The Joy You Want -- At Work!

Resources for leaders, teams and change professionals to make work part of a life well-lived: Joy at Work

The Joy You Want -- At Work!

Resources for leaders, teams and change professionals to make work part of a life well-lived: Joy at Work

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Joy at Work is about creating the conditions to help people thrive in their work, especially in times of change.

Most people understand that companies need to evolve to meet the demands of business. Most people want to be part of companies that evolve and grow. People don’t always like change but it’s usually not what is changing that’s upsetting. People get upset by how change is handled. That’s when you lose them.

In our experience, organizations under the stress of change can be the source of the best experiences people have at work.

We’ve developed a way to make important business changes – technology change, changes in the way you do business, changes in leadership and organizational structure – and build trust, improve work relationships and create a thriving workforce in the process. It’s not a fantasy. It’s an intention and a practice. Joy at Work.

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How much does the success of your business depend on your people? What happens when you can’t find people with the expertise you need? What happens when you lose great people to your competition? What happens when your people are checked out, not getting along, not interested in growing? What happens when your people expect more than you can give them? 

This is the case for Joy at Work.

Our Research       

Our Research      

Welcome to the Research. We're investigating this hypothesis: 

Joy at Work is a measurable state of being (for both an individual and an organization) that indicates to what extent the culture of an organization contributes to its success.

Our approach is to interview senior leaders at for-profit companies, non-profit, and government agencies of all sizes and apply Grounded Theory to understand the relationship across the already identified 10 Dimensions of Joy at Work.

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"They have a unique point of view about change, bringing in joy and using data to measure it. Now we can see the joy we never noticed before and cultivate it!"

--Kate Maple

Hi! We're Roxanne and Ed, founders of The Change Decision

After decades working in hyper-competitive corporate environments, we experienced the unexpected: True joy at work.

It started with us. We made a shift to be intentional about the experience of our team as we all worked toward our goals. This shaped everything we said and did. For the first time as leaders, we knew real followership and adversity only made us all stronger, every time. The secret: Joy.

Since then we've been researching and creating resources so you can create joy in your workplace, even in the most unlikely circumstances.

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