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Our Latest Joy Research Update

The Case for Joy

We know two things: Talent is everything and how you handle business change directly impacts your culture.
People aren’t usually upset by what is changing because most people understand companies need to evolve to meet business demands.
People get upset by how change is handled. That’s when you lose engagement.
You can make important business changes in your company and positively impact your culture -- even change people are afraid of. In fact, research and experience tell us that organizations under the stress of change can be the source of the best experiences people have at work. It’s all about creating the conditions to help people change and thrive in their work -- what we call, Joy at Work.
Our Change & Joy method combines Change Management, Employee Engagement, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), Team Effectiveness and Decision Analytics to create an empathy-in-practice approach to your business goals. You build trust, improve work relationships and create a thriving workforce through the change process.
We invite you to explore our Joy Research and Change & Joy method to see if it’s right for you.

Featured Courses

In-house Customized Courses and Workshops Available

The Savvy Change Leader Program

Five-week Change Leadership training program for business leaders interested in leveling-up their Change Leadership skills for this moment.


Change & Joy in the Workplace Certification

Change Certification for Change Professionals - a unique experience that includes an opportunity to learn from business leaders.


Change Analytics Concentration

Immediate access to a recorded program of data analytics techniques and tools, plus a one-day business case simulation to measure change.


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Our Clients

We've had the pleasure of working with great companies that want to make big changes and help their people thrive at work.

Published on Entrepreneur.com

Based on firsthand experience, the idea that 70% of change initiatives fail just didn't sound right to us! So we looked into it. In this article we trace the origin of the idea and ultimately debunk the myth once and for all. We see this as a victory for both change leaders and change professionals!

See Article

"Great group interaction! A new way to think about how important it is to manage the relationship with influencers."

Scott S.
Sr. Consultant

"A good course for someone already involved in change and change management."

Santiago O.
Sr. Project Manager

"Moving from a group of individuals to an engaged team was critical to our success. We were able to create that innovative and positive environment and focus on meeting our aggressive goals."

Jodie K.
Director, Operations

"I've never had so much fun working so hard in my long technical career. We were aligned to common goals and the level of commitment from us all was simply unprecedented in our organization. Amazing esprit de corps!"

Tom A.
Director, Information Technology

"Get practical tools, and understand how important influencers are and how to leverage their influence."

Erin B.
Founder and CEO

"Overwhelming, complex projects without clarity in vision are easy to find. Leaders like Roxanne and Ed who help provide vision and clarity to teams going through change and make the journey fun are extremely rare."

Anurag R.
Sr. Consultant

"A great tool for leaders. It's like doing more prep before painting your house. The results will be better!"

Lori H.
Associate Relations Manager

"With Roxanne's leadership and guidance, she creates tailored change solutions for her customers that achieve positive and impactful outcomes."

Michael F.
Director, Enterprise Risk Management

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