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Change & Joy Advanced Change Management

A Deeper Conversation

This course is for people who have Change Management experience and a process they subscribe to today. Together we look at the process and talk deeply about it, where it can go sideways and how to choose moments to become the trusted advisor. We look at the advances in brain science, the urgent interest DEI and workplace wellness, and new developments in change measurement to thoughtfully incorporate these into your practice. 

This is a learn-by-doing course which means we discuss and practice live in the safety of our Joy at Work Learning Laboratory! In between live sessions, you have a private learning space to collaborate with the group and access the toolkit. If you're ready to refresh your approach, your toolkit, your outlook -- this course is for you.


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Elevate & Modernize Your Expertise

Apply neuroscience, DEI, engagement and wellness in your change program.

Refresh Your Approach & Toolkit

Integrate new concepts into your approach and add an advanced toolkit.

Recharge Your Energy & Career

Incorporate joy into your change work and how you serve others.

Get our guide,  “The Ultimate Guide for the What-if Scenarios of Change,” and start navigating change with joy.
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A master of Change Management, Roxanne is a wealth of resources, ideas and passion. I have a new outlook on the approach I take. 

- Raj

It's obvious that Roxanne cares about each one of us and wants us all to shine. I do feel better after going through the course.

- Robin

Roxanne's enthusiasm and generosity with her insights is inspiring. I love the idea of joy in Change Management. I'm excited to put it to work!


Years ago, I needed this course. I was at a crossroads in my career, questioning my decision to be a Change Professional. I took a hard look at why I did the work and once again despite the skeptics, I recommitted. It was the best career decision I ever made.

I wish for you to feel revived every day and ready to show up the way you want to because the world needs what you can uniquely do. It matters to a lot of people. I want you to have your own Joy at Work.

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