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Change Measurement Plan course

Change Measurement Plan

A Self-Paced Video Course

Once you introduce something new, how do you know if you’re getting anywhere? A Change Measurement Plan helps you see how well your change is progressing and decide what you can do to achieve the outcomes you're looking for.

This self-paced course steps you through the development and execution of your plan, and how to engage leaders and other stakeholders in the process.


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8 Lessons

Lesson 1: What to expect: A brief overview of the course and the origin story that inspired the content.

Lesson 2: Gathering what you need: Deciding what to measure and scaling the effort to the right level.

Lesson 3: Developing the plan: Drafting the approach based on the risks and opportunities.

Lesson 4: Engaging leadership: Finalizing the plan with the leadership team. 

Lesson 5: Setting up to execute: Creating data collection tools, report templates and review forums.

Lesson 6: Executing the plan: Collecting, analyzing and reporting change data for decision-making.

Lesson 7: Closing out the plan: Summarizing and sharing measurement learnings.

Lesson 8: Growing Joy at Work: Considering culture and engagement in your Change Measurement Plan.


  • Change Measurement Plan template
  • Change Measurement Task List for project planning
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Data-Driven Change Management Course
Change Measurement Plan course
Change Measurement Plan course
Change Measurement Plan course