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Custom Training Programs

We offer customized training programs and coaching to help leaders build more resilient and joyful teams across an organization.

Emerging Leaders

Grow the next generation of leaders with a Change & Joy learning program focused on developing critical leadership skills, such as communication, people management, team coaching, leading change, conflict resolution, and creating an engaged team culture.

Leadership Teams

Provide your leaders with powerful change leadership skills and tools to lead their teams to change while inspiring joy in the workplace. The program covers group dynamics, emotions in the workplace, measuring adoption, managing change risk, empathy in practice and the skills to communicate change effectively.


Equip your training team to teach Change & Joy courses! The learning journey provides lesson plans, activities, essential tools, inspiring real-life examples and practice for training experts to confidently deliver a successful Change & Joy training program.

Internal Programs

Incorporate the Change & Joy Training and Toolkit into your existing leadership development programs to give your leaders the skills to foster meaningful and lasting change. The material is customized with case studies, activities and learning paths that align with your company culture.

Our Change & Joy Toolkit

The Change & Joy Toolkit is the ultimate resource for those looking to drive change and foster joy at the same time. This unique toolkit has been designed to equip leaders with the know-how they need to take their team or organization through any kind of transition. From the simple to the complex, the Change & Joy Toolkit provides powerful strategies that empower and guide leaders to successfully navigate the changes that come their way. With its combination of practical tools and creative techniques, the Change & Joy Toolkit helps you make a difference in your organization.

Change is a normal part of the work experience. You may as well be great at it!

Our Process


Our team will first clarify your desired project goals and objectives.


We design a program that is tailored to achieve those objectives.


We confirm that the designed program will deliver the benefits (and joy!) you want.


Finally, we launch with all the materials and guidance needed to ensure success.

Leadership training for more Joy at Work

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