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Our Story - Our Lesson

It all started ten years ago...

Ten years ago we found ourselves in the pit of despair. We were leading a multi-million-dollar project to deliver a new technology system for thousands of employees, leading a team of hundreds, about to impact millions of customers and failing miserably in a very public way.

 After the CEO called our project "a disappointment" in front of the entire company –- our lowest point –- we made the decision to change.

Instead of brushing up our resumes and finding new jobs, we decided to take a leap of faith. We picked ourselves up and started leading completely differently. We had the audacity to believe in ourselves and the team. We believed we all wanted to do great work.

These thoughts were the spark to turn that project around completely. It was still hard work, but it was going to be anyway. What made it different? Instead of each person feeling like they needed to go into self-protection mode, the 250+ members of the team pulled together over and over again. Instead of people finding ways to get off the project, people started asking how they could get on the project. Instead of going way over budget to deliver something substandard, we had an outstanding rollout and millions of happy customers. Instead of retreating to something safe and scrapping the project entirely, we succeeded in a huge way and surprised everyone.

In the process we created space for joy. We started with ourselves as leaders, which led to better relationships among team members at every level, which led to a giant joyful team and a completely transformed executive committee, which ultimately led to thousands of joyful employees and millions of happy customers. The project became so famous, for six months we were sought after across the company to explain how we made this turnaround happen. Since then we’ve been helping leaders create high-performing joyful teams that deliver results.

It started with us. We made the decision to change - the change decision.  

‚ÄčOur lesson: Before a change can happen the leader must change first.

We believe in joy at work. Everything we do is about helping people get that every day. 

Because everyone wants to be part of something bigger than themselves. Because everyone wants to experience the satisfaction of doing their best work. Because work is a huge part of everyone's life. Because the ripple effect of joy at work is enormous and worth investing in.

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