Why Joy at Work?

In our experience, joy gets better results, both in responding to a crisis and achieving company goals.

Welcome to the Research

We're investigating this hypothesis: 
Joy at Work is a measurable state of being (for both an individual and an organization) that indicates to what extent the culture of an organization contributes to its success.

Our approach is to interview senior leaders at for-profit companies, non-profit, and government agencies of all sizes and apply Grounded Theory to understand the relationship across the already identified Ten Dimensions of Joy at Work.

You're welcome to take a look at our Joy Research Statement. 

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Progress of the Joy Research

  • 52 interviews
  • 48 companies represented
  • 14 companies in the Fortune 500

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The Case for Joy at Work

Is it worth creating a joyful workforce? Take a look at this video to see why we think it is, and see the roles that are accountable for creating joy in the workplace.


The Best Team Experience Research Survey

This is a research survey to collect information about the best team experience people have, either leading or being part of a team. The information collected supports a 10-year research effort to discover what it means to have joy at work.

If you'd like to contribute to the research, please share your experience! It will take about 15 minutes.

Areas We're Currently Studying in Academic Literature

Positive Psychology

The role of positive and negative emotions on humans, individually and in groups

Upward spiral concept

Decision-making and the role of broad or narrow mindsets

Organizational Change

The role of joy in organizational change

Employee agility and resilience and its affect on organizational change 

Occupational Health

Leader mental health

The cost of leading an organization under stress on leaders

The impact on leaders knowing they are harming employees

Work Philosophies

The intrinsic pleasure of work

Meaningful work

Evolving expectations of work for the employer and employee

Current Popular Literature Reading List

Joy at Work(shops)

We offer these customized in-house workshops related to the research.

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Joy at Work(shops)

We offer these customized in-house workshops related to the research. Contact: [email protected]

Year-of-Joy Visionboard

Connect to what brings you joy and then manifest that in your life in near-term ways, daily practices and aspirational goals.

Joy at Work Journeys

Professional development visioning to make career path decisions that bring you joy, now and in the future.

Joy at Work Stories

Leader-Team conversations about what joy at work means, to strengthen connections and build relationships.