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Transcending Job Loss

joy at work Feb 06, 2023

In this short video, Roxanne talks about her experience of being let go and having to let her team go. This conversation is with Bunny Young -- a coach, licensed therapist and all around wonderful person. Roxanne also talks about a technique she used to get to joy -- something Bunny calls "wall therapy."

Create Your Personal Leadership Statement

A Self-Paced Audio Course

Are you aware of your leadership philosophy? Does your team know your philosophy of leadership and how that guides your words and actions?

This self-paced audio course steps you through a process to develop your Joy at Work Personal Leadership Statement. More than a self-awareness exercise, it guides you in how to ask others for their experience of your leadership and how to best work with you. This is valuable knowledge for your team and an effective tool for strengthening all of your work relationships.

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