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Why Belonging is Important for Joy

joy at work Feb 18, 2021

Written by Roxanne Brown

Why is belonging an important contributor to joy in the workplace?
When people are willing to belong there is greater potential for the integration of unique talents among team members to solve problems. When people feel valued by their organization they are encouraged to participate and expand their contribution.

What are signs that belonging is working well for a company?
* Holding space for others to gather thoughts and share ideas; people stating back what was heard to confirm they heard others correctly; encouragement of others to participate; open sharing of ideas.
* Seeking input from individuals that demonstrates an accurate understanding of that person’s unique capabilities and contribution that can be applied to solve the problem at hand.
* Specific acknowledgment of a colleague’s work, capabilities, and contribution and the value of that to the group or mission of the company.

What are signs that belonging isn’t working well for a company?
* Seeking to be heard: Talking past each other; interrupting.
* Conformity: Reserved, careful or hesitant participation among group members; unwillingness to debate; discussion dominated by a single voice or set of messages; most conversation/meeting participants are silent; steps taken to avoid being ejected from the group.
* Mistrust of Others: Alienation of people considered outside a group; resentment or rumors among groups; isolated employees.

How do you experience belonging in the workplace?