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Willingness to Belong

joy at work Feb 06, 2021

Written by Roxanne Brown

Willingness to belong is one of the emerging dimensions of Joy at Work…

“I am willing to belong because I am seen, heard, and understood in a way that I perceive as positive. My unique capabilities and contributions have value here. I know that because I can see for myself how my capabilities and contributions have value in delivering the organization’s purpose and others communicate my value back to me.”

You help your colleagues feel like they belong when you…

* Hold space for them to gather thoughts and share ideas; state back what you heard after they speak to confirm you heard them correctly; encourage them to participate.

* Seek specific input from them that demonstrates an accurate understanding of their unique capabilities and how their contribution can be applied to solve the problem at hand.

* Specifically acknowledge a colleague’s work, capabilities, and contribution and how valuable it is to the group or mission of the company.

What helps you feel like you belong? What makes you willing to belong?

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