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Joy at Work Involves Everyone

joy at work Feb 10, 2021

Written by Roxanne Brown

Joy at Work involves everyone!

Thoughts to reflect on...

My joy: How do I feel at work? What joy am I bringing to work?

Our joy: How do my relationships feel with others? How am I contributing joy to those relationships?

Team joy: How does it feel to be part of the team? How am I contributing to the team’s joy?

Company joy: How does it feel to be part of the company? How am I contributing to the company’s joy overall?

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Willingness to Belong

joy at work Feb 06, 2021

Written by Roxanne Brown

Willingness to belong is one of the emerging dimensions of Joy at Work…

“I am willing to belong because I am seen, heard and understood in a way that I perceive as positive. My unique capabilities and contributions have value here. I know that because I can see for myself how my capabilities and contributions have value in delivering the organization’s purpose and others communicate my value back to me.”

You help your colleagues feel like they belong when you…

* Hold space for them to gather thoughts and share ideas; stating back what you heard after they speak to confirm you heard them correctly; encourage them to participate.

* Seek specific input from them that demonstrates an accurate understanding of their unique capabilities and how their contribution can be applied to solve the problem at hand.

* Specifically acknowledge a colleague’s work, capabilities and contribution and how valuable it is to the group or...

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How to Be Adaptable and Keep Your Strong Point of View

joy at work joy research Feb 03, 2021

Written by Roxanne Brown

The trick to adaptability is to have a strong point of view based on your experience and expertise yet hold a state of openness to take in and lightly evaluate new information, to see how your perspective changes and see if there’s any utility in that shift to the problem at hand.

When people struggle to adapt it’s often because the new information is in conflict with their personal values or outside their life’s experience. When you find yourself in this situation, it’s useful to explore what’s behind your struggle.

It’s okay to have a strong point of view. In fact, your employer may have hired you specifically for that point of view! Adaptability means you’re willing to learn and evolve or expand your thinking as a result. It means you are willing to accept that some situations require a different way of doing things.

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Joy Research Quotes

joy at work joy research Feb 02, 2021

Written by Roxanne Brown

Some quotes from recent Joy Research interviews…

“Talent is the whole game.”

“The definition of a great place to work has evolved over the last year.”

“We spend so much of our lives at work, the standards for who you work for ought to be very high.”

“People are evaluating their lives and where work fits in it. What is its proper place?”

“The silly and small things we do for people here matter because they are super personal. It’s hard to show the results of that in a formal way and it’s hard to describe, but it matters so we do it anyway.”

“People are messy and that’s beautiful.”

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Are You a Change Influencer?

change Jan 28, 2021

Written by Roxanne Brown

Are you an early adopter at work? Changing to something new while the folks around you haven’t changed yet takes courage.

Are you an influencer at work? Changing influences people around you to change too.

Are you slow to adopt changes at work? If you’ve been burned in the past, that’s understandable.

No matter who you are, you have an impact on your colleagues. You’re important. You matter. Your impact definitely matters to how well any change goes and how you and others experience it. What kind of impact do you want to have? How can you contribute Joy at Work through your impact?

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Spreading Joy Can Help You Feel Joy Yourself

joy at work Jan 25, 2021

Written by Roxanne Brown

Spreading joy can help you feel joy yourself.

You may feel frustrated by your work.
You may feel frustrated by your colleagues.
You can also let that go temporarily and just imagine you love your work and enjoy working with your colleagues.
With that in mind, what could you do that would bring your colleagues joy? Something as simple as keeping your commitments to them may be all it takes!

You have an impact on others. You can choose the impact you want to have. You can choose joy.

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Change is a Learning Process

change leadership Jan 22, 2021

Written by Roxanne Brown

It’s not usually WHAT you want to change that upsets people, it’s HOW they feel they (and others) are treated in the process that is most upsetting. The best you can do is be intentional about how you want it to feel and decide what must be true for that to happen. Then doing what’s reasonable. A structure to act and learn your way forward gets you there. This is empathy in action and can increase Joy at Work in the process.

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Connecting to Your Intention as a Leader

leadership Jan 21, 2021

Written by Roxanne Brown

As a leader, you do things all the time that no one will ever know you did. No one will ever know how you struggled over the decisions, the work, the sacrifice you made or the arrows you took. It’s impossible for others to know. They aren’t you and they don’t sit where you do. Plus, it would be nearly impossible for you to describe it to someone else.

It’s helpful to widen your perspective when you feel the weight of this. Remember your intention. Why did you decide to be leader? What impact did you intend to have? What did you want to contribute through your work? Leadership is personal.

When you get back to your intention, the rest gets smaller.

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Debate Can be Enriching and Energizing

joy at work Jan 20, 2021

Written by Roxanne Brown

When you're surprised to learn that your colleague thinks very differently than you, that’s a good time to get curious.

“I wonder why they feel that way? I wonder what life experiences brought them to that point of view?”

You won’t know the answer because you’re not them but it’s the right mindset for exploring and expanding your perspective.

Differences in opinion stemming from a wide set of life experiences among you can be a good thing at work. Often, what appears to be an impasse, upon deeper discussion can reveal that in some ways you’re not that far apart. You may use different words and place emphasis on different points but the essence of what you value is likely very similar, if not the same.

Debate can be enriching, energizing and lead to unexpected innovations if people are kept safe in the process, meaning, they don’t hurt themselves, each other or those that are not present in the debate. You...

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The Art of Joy at Work

joy at work Jan 17, 2021

Written by Roxanne Brown

Inside the first few weeks of the year, we’ve noticed a theme: People having trouble getting back into their work.

If this is you, here are a few thought experiments to try!

What if you imagined your workday as a story? How would you like your story to start? What would it be like in the middle and how would you end your story for the day? Who would be in the story with you and what kind of relationship would you have with them? It’s your story. Write it for you!

What if you reimagined your work as art? After you create a beautiful spreadsheet, proposal, brief, agenda, report summary, etc., step back and marvel at it as if it’s framed and up on the wall. You made that! (You are quite talented.)

For those parts of your work you dislike, here’s a really useful question to ask: How can I make the thing I don’t like to do, fun for me? Just asking the question can jolt you out of your work...

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